Finally I am an engineer..

My last sem’s result was out today..and i cleared it with 73%.

So that makes me an engineer :).It marks the end of my and beginning of a new life….lets see what god has planned for me!


F for friends..F for fun

Hmmm…the following posts of this category would be all about me,my my friends,and fun..Sorry for everyone else whose name I am missing.

School Mates

College Mates

My Academics

Hmmm..i dont know where to start from.And i have no experience of blogging.Kindly excuse my mistakes.

  • Schooling until +2 (XII / 12th) from Faith Academy or FA, John L Dorsey Road, Opp. Bappa Nagar, Prasad Nagar, New Delhi, India
  • – Maharaja Agrasen Institute of Technology or MAIT (GGSIP University), Rohini Sec 22, New Delhi, India

I think the list will end over here until Lord ********* (you know whom I am talking about) is back :p

My first post

Ok so I am here on wordpress :)…This is going to be my only blog,my very own home in this world of internet.Although I have already tried my hand at blogger.I have been pulled over here by Arshaq.But that is not the only reason for being here.I am a sort of web developer and I have been building websites with wordpress.So I know how powerful wordpress is..

This blog is mainly going to contain my personal stuff and interests.I would try my best to update this blog regularly.

Hoping to capture some memories with this.And expecting to learn a lot and share what I know.Lets see where it takes me….

Oh and by the way, the blog’s name (link) has been chosen so just because its unique,to be honest I am not an engineer ! 🙂 India hardly generates engineers :p